1. Nick Curly
    Mannheim, Germany
  2. Butch
    Mainz, Germany
  3. Harry Romero
    Jersey City, New Jersey
  4. SIS
  5. Sebo K
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay
    Berlin, Germany
  7. Livio & Roby
    Bucharest, Romania
  8. Marc Scholl
    Mannheim, Germany
  9. Johnny D
    Mannheim, Germany
  10. Alex Celler
    London, UK


Cécille Records Mannheim, Germany

The cult label is set to return. In a time dominated by the heavier end of the techno spectrum, Cécille’s focus on rhythm, groove and melody provides a much-needed counterpoint to the oppressive sounds so prevalent on today’s dance floors.

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